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*Bespoke Services * Gift Vouchers * Installation Warranty * By Appointment Only

1. Complimentary Consultation based on Floor Plan

Simply email us your floor plan or bring it along when you visit and receive a complimentary consultation by our Goodrich Executives.
Please note that consultation is based on appointment only.
Send in your floor plan and make an appointment with us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


2. Bespoke Services for Wallcovering, Fabric, Carpet & Flooring

Pamper yourself with customized beauties here at Goodrich Gallery Sinagpore.
Customize your wallcoverings, fabrics (upholstery, curtains and cushion covers) carpets and floorings.

For bespoke wallcovering turn to the Goodrich Handpainted series that can be customized to your liking. From cranes to butterflies, you name it we have it. You can select the base for the customized handpainted wallcovering from any of our vinyl surfaced wallcoverings from our Goodwall and Premierwall collections.

For flooring options, Goodrich is able to customize laminate floorings to suit your fancy.
Identity by GEFF allows you to express your artistic flair and customize your dream home.

* A minimum of 100sqm for any customization and personalized design applies.

3. Customization of digital prints for wallcovering

Have your favourite photos turned into wallcoverings.
To customize digital prints for wallcoverings we would require a high resolution image of not less than 500dpi.
The wall that will be wallcovered must be plastered smooth and coated with 2 layers of water base sealer and any uneven and rough or hairline cracks will need to be repaired prior to installation.