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1. Get Glowing Skin & Luscious Hair, Win Exclusive Sessions In Our Lucky Draw!

WIN up to S$4,000 worth of prizes!
Exclusive BRANDED Hair Treatments from Monsoon Hair Salon now:

*10 Unique Shiseido Hair Treatments worth SG $288 each
**2 Dr. Moto Juvenescence Intense Face treatments SG $68 each
See more information below!

With every purchase of S$500 made at Goodrich Gallery (SG), you will stand the chance to join this LUCKY DRAW.

Terms & Conditions
-Lucky Draw is applicable to qualifying purchases made at Goodrich Gallery, Singapore, at Retail Prices only.
-Entry to the lucky draw commences now and closes on 31 March 2021.
-Lucky draw date: 10 April
-All prizes cannot be exchanged for cash.
-Entry forms must be filled out in full with complete, legible, accurate and valid information as required by the closing date.
-Goodrich Gallery and Monsoon Hair Salon reserve the right to make any changes to the T&C of this lucky draw.
-The winners may be required to participate in a photo taking session during the issuing of Lucky Draw gift. Pictures may be posted online or showcase in our shop front for display purpose.

Our Exclusive Prizes
*Shiseido Sublimic Airy Flow Hair Treatment worth $288 x 10
- A 30mins unique Shiseido Sublimic Airy Flow treatment.
- Triple Flow Motion System transforms stiff, unruly into airy, active, manageable hair. It brings out bounce from deep within, hair feels smooth and moves easily
- Click here to find out more.

** Dr.Moto Juvenescence Intense Face treatment $688 x 2
-A 45mins High pressures air resurfacing with glycolic acid/mandelic and salicylic acid treatment.
-Fortified with argireline, an anti-ageing ingredients with effects similar to botox but less the pain and needless face treatment.
- Click here to find out more.

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