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Wallpaper Singapore. Letting walls do the talking

Wallpapers are impactful and can work wonders in the smallest of space. They can transform any space quickly and without a large commitment.  Wallpapers  and wallcovering solutions are becoming popular in Singapore and other regional countries such as Malaysia, China , Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Philippines, Thailand, United Arab Emirates; which Goodrich has a presence in.  These wall solutions are becoming part and parcel of interior décor for homes to commercial.

What’s more, wallpapers make it possible to change out a space often without having to tear out walls or changing the interior carpentry.

Wallpapers transform what was initially a box into a room with character using colors, patterns, and textures in measured doses. Awkward corners disappear, furniture and furnishings work in harmony, than was possible within plain white walls.

Wall covering texture is integral for spaces with a monochromatic design theme. For example, a three-dimensional patterned 3D wallpaper Singapore can create a design scheme that is multi-layered and stunning without the use of many colors. When it comes to choosing the right wallpaper, good planning is the key to a cohesive and cost-effective interior design with wallpapers that also meets all requirements.

As a trusted wallpaper installer in Singapore and 10 other regional offices, Goodrich Global team of wallpaper specialists remains a valuable resource for design firms in providing expertise in various types of wall covering solutions in turnkey projects.

Choose from our extensive types of wallpaper which are commercial-grade to fit any residential, hospitality, healthcare, institutions or commercial spaces.  Special wall covering solutions available for special requirements like eco-friendly , wall protection , digital prints and kids . 


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Wallpaper Singapore. Stunning statement walls at home

Wall décor has an important role to play when it comes to feeling comfortable in a residential home. Bad moods, listlessness, exhaustion – your home has a huge effect on your mental state, as the subconscious picks up on discord and disharmony.

A clever choice of colors, materials, patterns, and designs in wallpapers are examples of effective wallcovering ideas that totally transform a room or living spaces in a residential home as well as uplift one’s moods.

The types of wallpaper at  a residential space such as apartments or landed property should be more than appealing and attractive, they should also evoke wellbeing, positive emotions, reflect your personality and preferences, your dreams and aspirations. Discover the exclusive wallpaper range at Goodrich Global and find The One to complement your lifestyle and create a feeling of total comfort in your residential home.


Hospitality 500x250


Designer wallcovering in hospitality

Wallpaper and Wallcovering requirements for the hospitality industry (Service Apartments, Hotels, Motels, Youth Hostels) must meet stringent rules and regulations in the areas of Class A fire rated, low volatile compounds, water resistant, durability, wash resistant, acoustics, odor free and eco-friendliness. These hospitality standards are strictly required when it come to the selection of the interior finishes so as to guarantee the safety of guests and tenants.

For such hospitality spaces, durability and cleaning are highly critical to ensure areas are cleaned and sanitized frequently. Discover the exclusive types of wallpaper and wallcovering solutions at Goodrich Global which exceeds hospitality industry standards for sensibility, resilience and cutting-edge design.


Commercial 500x250


Commercial wallpaper Singapore

Unlike wallpaper for homes, commercial wallpaper and wall covering are manufactured with a specific purpose in mind. These types of medium and heavy-duty wallpaper and wall covering solutions are performance driven and are geared more towards higher traffic areas such as retail stores, healthcare centers, schools, and business offices.

Goodrich offer commercial and contract wallpaper, wall covering and wall protection  solutions that withstand industry guidelines for specific performance standards which will  includes fire rating , eco-friendly and safety classifications.


Institutions 500x250


Wallpaper Singapore. Enlivening educational institutions with wallpapers, wall protection and wall covering solutions .

Fire protection, cleaning and care characteristics, robustness, health and safety aspects, and light-resistance are the most important parameters for wallpapers wall protection and wall covering solutions in schools and learning spaces. In institutional facilities for learning, the emphasis is on the transfer of knowledge and social development so using creative designs and high-performance interior furnishings to enhance learning environments.

Any educational institutions where a large number of children and teenagers come together daily requires robust wallcovering solutions that are; Anti-microbial, Impact resistance, tear resistance, abrasion and rub resistance, as well as water vapour permeability are the main factors that need to be considered in schools and kindergartens. Wall talkers are writeable wall covering solutions are used in Discover the commercial-grade collection at Goodrich Global for conducive learning institutions.


Kids 500x250


Kids wallpapers designed for playful learning

Relaxation and leisure activities take precedence in designing spaces for children. Kids know what they want and should have a say in the choice of wallpaper for their rooms. Walls are geared towards children’s needs and depict their world in all facets. 

Spaces designed for playful learning, daydreaming and relaxing, foster and support a child’s abilities and senses. Discover the exclusive range of wallpaper at Goodrich Global which offers patterned and motif wallpapers to provide a backdrop to explore imagination and reality.


Digital 500x250


Digital wallpaper Singapore

Personalise a space quickly with a digital wallpaper. This type of custom wallpaper allows treasured moments to be captured and enjoyed every day in the comforts of a home. Designers can use these digital wallpapers to give a space the exact look and feel desired in corporate lobbies and restaurants.

Production of the digital wallpaper can be as little as a single wall. Digital ink jet technologies are used to print photographs and art on a blank wallpaper. Simply provide an image of your choice or select from a ready library of cityscapes, maps, geometric patterns, and artistic illustrations at Goodrich Global.


Eco Friendly 500x250


Eco-friendly wallpaper Singapore

An eco-conscious choice in homes and commercial spaces encompasses sustainability, health, and safety concerns.

Discover environmentally-safe wallpaper options at Goodrich Global, which are commercial-grade and Greenguard-certified for low-VOC (Volatile Omission Compounds) emissions. The ecological range includes non-woven wallpapers made with recycled fibers and FSC certified materials.  Goodrich’s eco-friendly wall covering, wall protection and wall guard are eco-friendly and anti-bacterial.  These solutions are recognized by Singapore Green Building Council and Global Green Organisations.


Healthcare 500x250


Healthcare wallpaper Singapore

In healthcare facilities, code compliance is not negotiable. The protection of patients, visitors and facility employees is paramount, so healthcare interior design initiatives must first address industry guidelines with a special emphasis on selecting code compliance materials that will last.   Goodrich offers wall protection and wall covering solutions that can withstand high frequency of cleaning and harsh cleaning agents to ensure a safe environment for the healthcare patients and staff. 

Goodrich healthcare interior design solutions offer wallpaper, wall covering  and wall protection that withstand the industry guidelines to enhance architectural and interior design elements in modern healthcare centers, hospitals, nursing homes and childcare facilities.



Acoustic wallpaper Singapore

Goodrich Acoustic is the perfect solution for your application where acoustic performance as well as aesthetics are required. Our wide range of colours and ease of use make it the ideal material for commercial, hospitality and institutional projects.

Wall Protection


Wall Protection Singapore

Goodrich Wall Protection offers a full line of wall protection products ranging from, impact wallcovering, , corner guards, sheet material and much more. Our wall protection products are available in a variety of colours and finishes, to enhance and customize the appearance of your walls.