Have a need to make your wall your cover story, showcases your proud moment or make a statement? What if we told you that your walls could "speak" and convey some emotion to your space?

Well, at Goodrich Global, we can really make a room light up all thanks to our custom digital printed wallcovering designs. Suited for any room whether residential or commercial, these vibrant expressions can not only inject panache to a space, it can also allow owners to put a stamp of their identity into their prized domicile.

Materials: Non Woven
Roll width:
186 x 270cm (4 panels)
232.5 x 270cm (5 panels)
325.5 x 270cm (7 panels)
372 x 270cm (8 panels)
418.5 x 270cm (9 panels)
Backing: Non Woven

Type: Indent

Country: Singapore

* Subject to availability