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Minerals Wallpapers

With Minerals, CASADECO returns with its capsule collections dedicated to natural materials. Here are the stars of the 2022-2023 decorations: coloured waxed cement, marble, zellige... In addition, the timeless lime walls and the poetic antique Wall take shape. We also love Onyx, a material that succeeds in the art of being both warm and deep.

Available upon request.

Type: Indent

Country: Singapore

* Subject to availability

CASADECO_MINERALS-MNRL-BETON-GRIS-GRANIT-88069323_5_11zon Collection - Minerals Wallpapers CASADECO_MINERALS-MNRL-MARBRE-BEIGE-OCRE-88081515-zoom_1_11zon Collection - Minerals Wallpapers CASADECO_MINERALS-MNRL-ZELLIGES-BLEU-GRISÉ-88106414_4 Collection - Minerals Wallpapers