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Perception Wallpapers

Walls with variable geometry: this is what the Perception collection offers us. Multi-card, these wallpapers add the art of lines, the play of textures and an ultra-contemporary chromatic palette. They thus pay tribute to Op Art (Optical Art), dear to the painter Vasarely who died a quarter of a century ago. At first glance of a rigorous simplicity, the collection of wallpapers Perception plays with breaking points, shapes and shades to coat your pieces with an aura of mystery. Faceted textures, hypnotic patterns and mixed colors, she spins the geometric metaphor from floor to ceiling. No aspect is forgotten: the playful with Tangram, the refined with Blocks, the hypnotic with Losange and the pictorial with the three variations Rhythm / Mechanic and Tetrimino... and you, what will be your choice?

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Type: Indent

Country: Singapore

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CASADECO_PERCEPTION-PERP-MECANO-jaune-ocre-noir-zoom-86492414 Collection - Perception Wallpapers CASADECO_PERCEPTION-PERP-LOSANGE-beige-noir-86511510 Collection - Perception Wallpapers CASADECO_PERCEPTION-PERP-BLOCKS-taupe-86531324 Collection - Perception Wallpapers