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Momentum Vol 5 Wallpapers

Bringing boutique appeal to any space, Momentum 5 from Harlequin is a sophisticated collection of eight iconic wallpaper designs in fashion led colours.

Ranging from multi directional geometrics to opulent florals and from tactile stripes to semi plain textures, Momentum’s qualities play out with an elegant mix of matte and shine.

Blending perfectly and interchanging expertly with all previous Momentum launches, this latest collection showcases new trend concepts themed around Momentum’s style and spirit.

Available upon request.

Type: Indent

Country: Singapore
Hong Kong

* Subject to availability

2-momentum-wallpaper-coverings-living-room Collection - Momentum Vol 5 Wallpapers 3-momentum-wallpaper-coverings-living-room Collection - Momentum Vol 5 Wallpapers 4-momentum-wallpaper-coverings-living-room Collection - Momentum Vol 5 Wallpapers