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Ink Spot Linen Wallpapers

A classic linen that embodies its muse an artist’s canvas. Adding an edge to this traditional textile, Ink Spot Linen plays with texture and pops of color. Thoughtfully curated colorways allow accent hues and tones to be highlighted within your space. Complete your healthcare setting with the fun, youthful blues and purples of Wellness White, or pull out the neutral, soothing striations of Cream and Neutral White for a heavenly atmosphere. From bold blues like Navy and Seaglass to the luxurious look of Cloud or Fawn, Ink Spot Linen hits the spot.

54" Type II • 20 oz.

Total weight: 20 oz. PLY/13.3 oz. PSY

Backing: Osnaburg

Width: 54"


Type: Indent

Country: Singapore
Hong Kong

* Subject to availability