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Singapore Premium Floors for Classy and Luxurious Interiors

Flooring accounts for as much as half of a room’s impact. Whether you are renovating your home or business premises, it holds incredible power to transform the ambience of any space. 

When choosing flooring, your preferences must go beyond your favourite colour. You want a solution that complements your interior style for decades. And with a trusted flooring partner by your side, there’s no limit to the dramatic results you can achieve with flooring Singapore varieties.

Find below Goodrich’s extensive collection of high-quality floorings for residential and commercial spaces, including vinyl flooring and engineered timber ranges.


Residential VT008

Residential Flooring: Breathtaking statement floor in your home

The floor space is equally impactful in fulfilling a harmonious interior design scheme in any residential setting. Goodrich Global’s floorings for homes are sourced from world-renowned manufacturers and can dramatically transform any residential space.

Our easy to install and maintain residential flooring options stand out in beauty and durability. Whether you want an elegant touch or a bold statement, take advantage of our vast collection to floor your fascination and spark different emotions in your home’s rooms.



Flooring options for Hospitality: Stunning floorings for inviting spaces

Flooring is among the most important aesthetic choices for hospitality facilities (hotels, restaurants, convention centres, etc.).

Discover Goodrich's line of resilient and sustainable floorings for hospitality environments – from traditional to contemporary. Our collection surpasses industry standards and comes in various styles, colours and finishes to cater to every individual taste and design scheme.


Commercial 1

Flooring for Commercial Use: Built-to-last, high-performance flooring for commercial spaces

Commercial flooring could be the single best option for your company, thanks to its robust construction tailored for high traffic areas such as business offices, warehouses, and retail stores.

Goodrich Global’s flooring for commercial spaces can accommodate multiple refinishes for long-lasting beauty and reduced lifecycle costs. Available in a wide range of types, styles, and finishes, these solutions are designed to provide high performance that lasts as many generations as your company.



Eco-friendly Floorings: Singapore Flooring with a green consciousness

An eco-friendly flooring in homes and commercial spaces encompasses environmental, health, and safety concerns. Goodrich Global’s vast collection of environmentally-friendly floorings helps create a green-conscious interior without sacrificing comfort, fashion, or quality.

From bamboo, reclaimed wood to coco palm flooring, our eco-friendly collection surpasses stringent industry standards for sustainability and safe applications by the Singapore Green Building Council and Singapore Environmental Council.


Medintech Plus 500x250

Flooring for Healthcare: Flooring for the most demanding healthcare environments

Singapore healthcare facilities face unique demands, including top-calibre hygiene, accessibility and code compliance. The flooring is no exception, and it's a vital part of building a best-in-class care setting.

Goodrich Global offers premium healthcare flooring options that stand up well to the most demanding conditions without sacrificing style. Available are themed and patterned ranges that help create relaxing, evidence-based design schemes. Reputable antimicrobial properties and high cleanability levels ensure low-cost maintenance and higher sanitary levels.



Flooring for Institutions: Naturally safe flooring that fosters an active learning environment

The type of flooring is central to the overall experience of an institutional building. Goodrich Global's flooring Singapore options help create bright, beautiful, sophisticated spaces that elevate your institution's image and educational experience.

Built to beautify and satisfy, our flooring for institutions is available in diversified tones and patterns for versatile design options. The unparalleled durability and slip-resistance coupled with easy maintenance and lower lifecycle costs guarantee unmatched cost-efficiency and safer and sanitary learning environments.



Flooring for Kids: Flooring that complements your kid's creativity

Let your child unleash their imaginations with Goodrich's colourful and captivating range of kid-friendly flooring. Choose from a wide selection of bold contemporary patterns and images for the perfect playroom flooring that will inspire your child and add a whimsical charm to your home.

Does your child's room double up as their playroom? Do you intend to change themes as your little ones grow? Whichever your goals and preferences are, Goodrich Global has all the beautiful, long-lasting, slip-resistant, and waterproof kid flooring options you need under one roof.

Luxury Vinyl


Vinyl Flooring: Innovative flooring with timeless appeal

Affordable, versatile, and stylish, luxury vinyl flooring (LVF) is the hero in contemporary interiors. The all synthetic composition makes this type of PVC flooring applicable in many homes and commercial spaces. It’s durable, easy to maintain, and waterproof, making it an excellent option for both residential and commercial projects.

Goodrich’s luxury vinyl flooring offers various designs from beautiful hardwood to attractive stones to satisfy any architectural and design needs - at a fraction of the price. Plus, its click-lock configuration makes installation a snap.

Outdoor Decking


Flooring for Outdoor: Extend the indoors outside

The right flooring is integral in ensuring that an outdoor decking remains serviceable and aesthetically pleasing. Wood-plastic composite (WPC) decking boards continue to be a winning outdoor decking solution. Their unique composition makes them highly resistant to UV rays, rainwater, rotting and insect attacks. Outdoor decking are also pet friendly which prevents the dogs and cats getting splinters.

Goodrich Global offers wide selections of stunning outdoor decking floors, from the timeless hardwood flooring to the low-maintenance ceramic tile in various sizes, shapes, and thicknesses.



Laminate flooring

Laminate flooring has always been a thing in the market, thanks to its resistances and sturdiness. Refreshed with a new set of colours, our eco-friendly geff Laminate Flooring is now even more attractive with in-trend hardwood designs that comes straight out of a natural palette.