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GEFF WPC Decking

Unique composition of wood and polymer enables geff WPC Decking to have high resistance to outdoor conditions such as rotting, insect attacks and decay. geff WPC Decking offers the overall "look and feel" of wood with excellent dimensional stability and its unique composition offers a high level of resistance against UV rays as compared to other polymers.

geff Decking I

Country of Origin : France
Dimensions Per Unit : L:2800mm, W:138mm or 180mm, Thk:23mm
Size/Pc : 0.3864m2(for 138mm width) and 0.504m2 (for 180mm width) 
Surfaces : Embossed, Grooved

 geff Decking II

Country of Origin : China
Dimensions Per Unit : L:2900mm, W:140mm, Thk:20mm
Size/Pc : 0.406m2
Surfaces : Embossed on one side and Grooved on the other side. Both sides usable.


Type: Indent

Country: Singapore

* Subject to availability

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