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Bilbao Velvet Fabrics

“Biscaya” and “Arriaga” are velvet jacquards in keeping with the graphic rules of our “BILBAO” universe. The dense pile of the velvet gives the fabric a remarkable volume with infinite richness. The colours are deep and the lines are extremely precise to create gorgeous and exceptionally elegant armchairs and sofas. Velvet jacquards with multi-coloured patterns, “Arenal” and “Lekeitio” are worked in the same quality of fabric and the same colour range as “Biscaya” and “Arriaga”. These fabrics can therefore be combined in perfect harmony. The colour combinations : classic, soft or deep come together in beautiful palettes selected by our stylist, to work their irresistible charm in your home.


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Type: Indent

Country: Singapore

* Subject to availability

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