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Esala Fabrics

Oversized jungle plants, characterful motifs, stylised hand-drawn florals and angular geometrics meet in Esala’s from Scion, a cornucopia of fabrics alive with creativity. Scion’s iconic Mr Fox features alongside cheerful love birds and Pedro Penguin make his debut in this cleverly tailored and co-ordinating collection full of possibilities. New season colour groups including Spiced Pear, Tropicana, Fruit Salad and Candy introduce a vibrancy alongside standout pops of beautiful, outspoken colour across a fresh, funky, tropical palette.   

More details available upon request.

Type: Indent

Country: Singapore
Hong Kong

* Subject to availability

esala-fabric-collection-by-scion-at-style-library-2 Collection - Esala Fabrics esala-fabric-collection-by-scion-at-style-library Collection - Esala Fabrics