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Milford Fabrics

“Milford” is a beautiful wool-effect plain, created in 100% recycled polyester in 300cm width. Its exceptional touch is obtained through mercerisation. Its texture and drape are as magnificent as those of wool. Martindale value 20,000. This more ecological polyester is created from recycled mineral-water bottles and food packaging. The bottles and packaging are shredded, then melted before being transformed into fibres, yarn and finally recycled polyester fabric. “Milford” is available in 29 colours. “Harrison” is the quilted version of the “MILFORD” plain, available in 3 colours and a 280cm width. Th e volume and amplitude of the quilting, combined with the sensation of wool create a feeling of total comfort. 100% cosiness, “Harrison” is perfect for bed covers to warm your bedroom this winter.

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Type: Indent

Country: Singapore

* Subject to availability

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