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Onward Fabrics

Onward with Onward! The 54” upholstery pattern has an intricate, textured woven design that truly surpasses the high-performance qualities of all other wovens. The Tekloom® product – a high-performance fused textile that is chemically bonded with the components of a coated fabric – is extremely durable. With the heathered detailing found in natural yarn, Onward is constructed with a combination of multicolor yarns to provide a fluctuation in tone. While preserving its warm, cozy appearance, the performance fabric is bleach cleanable, inherently Graffiti-Free®, impermeable to liquids, and passes over 1,000,000 double rubs. Offered in eight earth tones, Onward lends durable design to education, healthcare, and senior living facilities.

Available upon request.

Type: Indent

Country: Singapore
Hong Kong

* Subject to availability