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Upholstery fabric for lasting furniture

Upholstery Singapore. Fabrics, Textiles and Soft Furnishing To Breathe New Life Into Your Interiors.

Soft furnishings can take an interior to a whole new level. In interior design, fabrics are often seen as an afterthought. Many view them as a finishing touch rather than a crucial component. In reality, a room or living space is incomplete without fabrics.

In decorating, apply the fabric to window coverings, window treatment, upholstery or smaller accent pieces such as cushion covers or bed runners. You can also pull colours and designs from your fabric to create a cohesive colour scheme in any room and apply to accessories, wall panels and furniture.

Fabrics and finishes play a very important role in any good project of interior design and decoration. Therefore, they are one of the most fundamental elements when it comes to achieving a specific presence and style, getting them to define the character of the space that we want.

Combining fabric textures creates an interplay of surfaces. They balance and rival each other; creating a room with a unique look and character. The fabrics you choose add layers to the decorative scheme, style and mood of the room whether it is for a home or commercial setting. If you are after a cozy comfortable look, then wood, plush fabrics, woven rugs and natural fabrics will add texture to a room. If you prefer a sleeker, modern look use metals, glass and lacquers. The best rooms have a perfect balance of both.

Our fabrics can be used for curtains, furniture, upholstered beds and soft furnishings accessories in both contract and residential interior design projects.

Lasting Furniture


Upholstery Fabric for Lasting Furniture

Breathing new life/restore to old furniture or for a quick makeover (uplift), you can choose to have your new sofa, armchair or footstool covered in any suitable fabric of your own choice. Sofa, chair, bed headboard, cushions.

Drapery | Curtain



Drapery | Curtain Fabric

Windows (and access to natural light) can make or break a space, but the importance of window treatments is often overlooked. Window coverings can be functional, purely decorative, or strike a balance between the two, depending on your space and the amount of natural light you receive and prefer. Whether it's full and flowing drapes, modern coverings, classic curtains, Roman shades, or laidback shutters, the Goodrich offering for fabrics are sure to inspire a better view at home.

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Upholstery Fabric For Hospitality

Upholstery Fabric For Hospitality

Look for long lasting fabrics for upholstery. One indication of durability is a high Martindale rub rating. The Martindale rub test gives the fabric a rating based on abrasion resistance testing. You can use the se ratings to assess the suitability of the fabric for your requirements. The higher the Martindale rating, the more durable a fabric is.


Upholstery Fabric For Commercial

Upholstery Fabric For Commercial

Furnish your commercial spaces with stylish, hard-wearing materials that create welcoming environments. Commercial spaces such as reception, hallways, offices, meeting rooms, clinics, retail and food and beverages. Fabrics can soften the overall look of the space thus giving a sophisticated and positive vibe. These surfaces should be easy to maintain and hygienic such as using 100% pure silicone faux leather such as shield leather. These shield leathers can withstand the rigors of daily usages. Decorative fabrics with patterns and textures can offer a wide array of designs such as contemporary, modern and geometrics. Fabrics used in hotels, restaurants, healthcare and restaurants areas are used for curtains, wall panels and seats. These fabrics need to be firs retardant, anti-bacterial, washable, rich in colour and textures.


Leather Upholstery Singapore

Leather Upholstery Singapore

While leather is not a fabric in the pure sense of the word, it is a popular material and often generalised as a commonly used ‘fabric’ for furniture.

Leather creates a sophisticated impression. It is formal and the material by itself brings an element of splendour. These features make it a viable fabric for sofas and office rooms. Leather is usually monotonic in colour. Therefore, it is an excellent fit in areas that have patterned flooring or wallpaper. It is also easy to maintain by following a simple cleaning routine on a regular basis. Furthermore, leathers are also eco-friendly and durable. Ideal to be used for home sofas, armchairs and restaurant seats.

PVC - Commonly referred to as vinyl, PVC is a synthetic material that serves an inexpensive imitation to leather. Modern forms of commercial PVC are extremely durable and perfectly suited to high traffic areas as well as areas that demand water resistance. Waterproof PVCs are often selected for hospitality and healthcare applications where superior durability is foremost.

Environmentally Friendly

Environmentally Friendly Upholstery Fabric

Environmentally Friendly Upholstery Fabric

Look for fabrics that are environmentally friendly from production to disposal. Many fabrics have NCOS Carbon Neutral and Low VOC certifications, making them a greener choice.

Choose fabrics that suit the nature of the environment. Different fabric types suit different areas, some patterns and textures are more formal and suit boardroom and reception areas, whereas others are more fun and suit breakout spaces and more relaxed areas where bursts of colours are needed.

They are rigorously tested for commercial use and guaranteed to last. Much of our fabric collection features additional environmental certifications, awarded for using recycled materials, having limited impact over their entire lifespan and/or for using innovative materials.

Shield Leathers

Shield Leathers

Shield Leathers

Shield leathers by Goodrich are 100% pure silicone faux leathers. They are easy to clean, chrome free tanning and biodegradable. These faux leather finishes are water soluble, free of PVC, phthalates, solvent, DMF, heavy metals or other materials. Furthermore, these finishes compile with California 01350 VOC omissions standards. It is also inherently anti-mildew ASTM G-21, skin friendly and allergen free with no anti-bacterial additives or biocides.

Goodrich Global has it all covered with our wide range of high-quality fabrics, textiles, soft furnishing and leathers from trusted reliable suppliers around the world. The specialists in Goodrich Global will work with you to create, revive and transform your beautiful interior pieces for residential, offices and commercial space into your ideal space.

Browse our exclusive collections and pick the ideal choice to make your home or workplace cosier without compromising your lifestyle or overstretching your budget. Dial (65) 6787 8787 or fill out our contact form to learn more or schedule for an appointment.