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Carpets Singapore. Decorating with Soft Flooring for a Cosier Underfoot

Carpets and rugs turn a bare floor into a foundation for an elevated interior design theme. They blend harmony and pattern, bringing warmth, stability, and atmosphere to a room in a snap. A well-placed carpet can be your ticket to transforming a room's outlook from basic to incredible without spending a fortune.

Whether you’re renovating or redecorating, you want a durable floor covering that draws attention and matches your taste. Widely available are broadloom carpets sold in rolls that run wall-to-wall. You’ll also find carpet tiles- little beauties you can mix and match for highly customised designs.

As a leading carpet supplier Singapore can offer, Goodrich Global provides an extensive modern rug and carpet Singapore collection for commercial and residential interior designs. Our selection extends beyond made-to-measure carpets and rugs into the bespoke territory, so you get custom designs that uniquely complement your home or office.

Residential Carpets


Giving homes the plush factor

Comfort is the prime priority in a residential carpet. A good option will feel exceptionally luxurious underfoot compared to commercial-grade floor coverings. Carefully picked and well-installed rugs for residential settings can offer a quick, impactful spatial transformation.

Modern carpets Singapore and rugs at Goodrich Global come in various designs to complement an existing design scheme. Our carpets for residential settings are intricately woven from the finest materials and made to fit seamlessly with your home’s architecture and culture. They're durable, functional and luxurious, making them a natural partner for a beautifully crafted interior.

Hospitality and Hotel Carpets


Creating welcoming spaces and lasting impressions

Commercial-grade carpets for the hospitality industry prioritise durability and flexibility. Broadloom carpets are the most popular option for hospitality carpeting, offering exceptional resilience, depth, and visual texture. Carpet tiles are worthy contenders primarily due to their tremendous flexibility of patterns, effects, and replacement.

For customised options and superb flooring installation services for commercial and hospitality interior design projects, consult with carpet specialists at Goodrich Global. Take advantage of our durable, beautiful, fire-resistant carpets and tile carpets to make prestigious and lasting impressions on your clients and guests.

Commercial Carpets for Offices and Retail


Inspiring and conducive workspaces

Broadloom carpets and carpet tiles are a winning choice for commercial spaces, thanks to their handy properties. They stand out as excellent insulators, offering unwavering durability and noise reduction in high foot-traffic areas.

Goodrich Global’s commercial-grade carpets are aesthetically pleasing as high-performance flooring solutions that outperform industry safety guidelines. Developed using the latest cutting-edge tech, our commercial rugs stick out with modern designs and a diverse colour bank to create functional, dazzling, and soothing workspaces.

Eco-friendly Carpets


Stylish floor coverings with a Green Consciousness

Eco-friendly versions of carpets are made with indoor air quality (IAQ) in mind to deliver superior cleanability and healthy environmental benefits. These floor coverings have natural stain-resistance properties, meaning they require little to no chemical treatments. Thus, occupants have little to worry about respiratory inflammation.

From untreated wool to recycled materials, the eco-friendly carpets Singapore collection at Goodrich Global provides both worlds of health safety and aesthetic allure. Exceeding industry safety standards means you get sustainable floor coverings with meagre VOC emissions for safe indoor use.

Our Commercial Carpets tiles have been certified eco-friendly by Singapore Green Building Council.

Healthcare Carpets


High-performance Singapore carpets for a homely therapeutic environment

Carpets for healthcare facilities must be resilient, highly cleanable and hold up intensive commercial cleaning. Pretreatment with anti-microbial technology protects against microorganism infestations. Beyond these requirements, textured healthcare floor coverings establish and sustain a cosy, homely care atmosphere.

Goodrich Globals’ easy-to-clean, impervious-backed healthcare carpets are carefully selected for an evidence-based ambience that bolsters faster healing, productivity, and general satisfaction. These carpet tiles and broadloom products provide sophisticated flooring finishes that withstand heavy use and add a timeless appeal to any healthcare environment.

Carpets for Educational Institutions


Sound-absorbing and allergen-free carpets in learning spaces

Safety and durability are top priorities for schools and other educational institutions looking to install carpets in places for learning. You want an institution flooring solution with outstanding performance characteristics. Combining these qualities with sound design principles creates inspiring learning settings that facilitate collaboration and spark creativity.

Goodrich Global offers hard-wearing, allergen-free, and practical flooring solutions for education institutions. Institutions benefit from extended longevity, reduced ambient noise, and ease of cleaning. Whether you want quieter and healthier learning spaces or customised designs for a more charming look, our diverse options guarantee maximum satisfaction with your flooring upgrade.

Anti-Microbial Carpets


Advanced protection against flooring contamination

Dirt and moisture trapped in carpets attract microbes and allergens, including bacteria, mould, and dust mites. These organisms trigger asthma and allergic reactions, and over time, cause structural and functional degradation of textile floor coverings. Carpets with antimicrobial treatments suffice to provide an extra layer of protection for healthier and more comfortable living and working spaces.

Goodrich’s antimicrobial carpets Singapore selection offers extensive coverage against pathogens, fungi and bacteria. They incorporate the latest in antimicrobial technology with the added benefit of dramatising your interior spaces.

Customised Design Carpets


Flooring masterpieces handmade to measure and order

Can't find your desired carpet size, colour, or design? Worry no more. Consult with the flooring experts at Goodrich Global for a customised carpet made to your budget, lifestyle, and unique requirements of shape, size, fibres, colours, and pile height.

Goodrich Global experts work with you to transform your carpeting vision into a unique, whimsical flooring masterpiece. From landscape, geometric, nature, floral to abstract inspirations, our custom carpet designs are hand-knotted and hand-tufted with utmost care and devotion to elicit emotions and last for generations. Pick from an unlimited choice of textures, colours, and patterns, and have your custom flooring covering delivered in as little as seven weeks.

For carpets in Singapore, Goodrich Global has it all covered. Browse our exclusive collections of carpet floor coverings and pick the ideal choice to make your home or workplace cosier without compromising your lifestyle or overstretching your budget. Dial (65) 6787 8787 or fill out our contact form to learn more or schedule for an appointment.