23 April 2019

Stylish eco-friendly furnishings
In homes, work and public spaces, an eco-conscious choice encompasses sustainability, health and safety concerns. Enjoy peace of mind while decorating with a completely personalized ambience with Goodrich Global's stylish eco-friendly offerings that meet industry standards.

Our wallcovering is ideal for residential, hospitality and commercial use. There is zero usage of heavy metals such as lead, mercury, cadmium and chromium. Its rated Class 0-BS 476 Part 6/7 fire rated, low in VOC and eco-friendly.

Our fabrics are ideal for residential, hospitality, healthcare, commercial and residential use. They are biodegradable, inherently fire retardant and stain resistant. They are low VOC emissions and are naturally sourced colour pigments and metal free.

Our carpets are ideal for hospitality, commercial and residential use. There are low in VOC with maximum recyclability, recyclable thermoplastic backings. They are eco-fresh self-renewal odor reducer treatment. They have been awarded CRI Green Label Plus, Singapore Green Label & SGBC (Leader), US GreenCircle Certified.

Lastly, our floorings are ideal for healthcare, hospitality, commercial and residential use. They are suitable both for indoor and outdoor use. They are available in vinyl, laminate, engineered timber and WPC Decking. They are accredited with ISO 14001,PEFC, Blue Angel, SEC and SGBC. They are certified and formaldehyde air emissions.

Don't take your surfaces -floors and walls -for granted especially in the context of public spaces in industries such as healthcare, commercial, education and hospitality. Surfaces of this nature take the daily beating of feet and machinery wheels. A high-traffic area also increases the risk of accidents happening. Then there is the daily maintenance of cleaning, wiping, and disinfecting them. As owners of such public zones, you also want surface materials to be rigorous to constant usage while ensuring it does not disintegrate to release toxic by-products.

So, what is your approach when creating the right and safe environments in these industries? If you're scouring the market for such products, Goodrich has some of the best solutions to tackle these concerns. Stay safe and green with Armstrong Flooring.

Armstrong Medintone flooring provides the highest scratch,stain and scuff resistance in the industry which are suitable for patient and treatment rooms which often endure the worst beating from the daily grind.

The Armstrong Medintech Plus is a unique homogenous vinyl sheet flooring offers a layer of UV-cured coating which is anti-betadine: perfect to avert staining and inhibits the growth of bacteria.

For commercial uses, the Armstrong Starlux l has diamond 10 technology integrated into the coating. It makes it resistant to scuffs, scratches and dreadful stains. Best of all, its durable and easy to clean properties makes it a breeze to clean and maintain.

When it comes to managing hotels and retail spaces, there’s always pressure to look good. Create a good impression on your guests and customers with Armstrong ColorArt Medintone and Medintech. This amazing product is bent on tackling high-traffic spaces such as hotel lobbies and retail shops. A product to withstand the heavy footfall equipped with Diamond 10 technology. The through-pattern construction found in ColorArt homogenous sheet which is unique to this product, can prevent abrasions and is aesthetically pleasing.

For retail owners, Armstrong Timberline brings a slice of outdoors indoors. The realistic timbre wood offers detailed wood grains to add warmth to interiors. When it comes to high-traffic areas such as education rooms and high-susceptibility to stains and corrosion such as laborites, then Armstrong Starlux sheet flooring is your best solution. It is durable, resistant to scratches and stains due to its Diamond 10 technology coating. This allows you to use less manpower for maintenance and helps to save money.

Best of all, Armstrong is committed to saving the earth by creating products that will allow business owners to construct sustainable-built environments. Ultimately, this will contribute credits for Green Building Rating Systems such as the Collaborative for High Performance Schools® (CHPS®) , WELL Building Standard®, Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®), and Green Globes®.

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