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06 September 2021

Never treat the gym, kitchen and restroom as perfunctory zones in a hospitality space. These are places where people spend some considerable time working out to keep fit or look good; prep and cook food; or enjoy short moments in washing up and relieving oneself.As gyms and toilets take the beating of heat, sweat, moisture and bodily deposits, it is essential that we spend on good quality surfaces – floorings and wallcoverings – to lessen the proliferation of bacteria. Kitchens should be able to take the onslaught of splashes from hot oil or food stains. Eye-catching wallcoverings in these spaces should not compromise on versatility and safety, that is being prone to spillages and slips, while floorings should bear the same tenets. If these spaces are created beautifully while providing safe and hygienic features, they can also be inviting and welcoming to anyone.

Meetings are vital for business processes and to get everyone convening to discuss a topic. So a room to accommodate several people in a single room should be conducive, warm, inviting, and comfortable. Walltalkers are must-haves when communicating and idea on a whiteboard. Their ease-of-use and low-maintenance means you can express yourself clearly through graphics, texts, pictures, or scribbles then wipe away when the discussion is over. Axminster’s broadloom carpets are vital in furnishing the floors to give a sophisticated and plush look. With a wide array of designs and colours, and high stitch-count, your office chairs glide over quietly so your discussion isn’t hindered.

XSELECT premium wallcoverings do their magic by giving walls a means to express and shine through Japanese-inspired art. You can also opt for PremierFloor carpet tiles that are suitable for heavy footfall and chairs’ castors. Don’t snub the “prelude” when entering meeting rooms - corridors. A well-designed corridor has its merits by creating a sense of warmth, cosiness, and ease.

Flooring from Nox Ecoclick+ give the allure of wood without high maintenance and their clip-on feature makes them easy to install. You can also opt for Flotex’s flocked flooring for cosy and carpeted floors that provide comfort for feet. Even the corridor walls should not be snubbed.  

Korogard materials like Rigid Sheet extend an air of sophistication and style. Prime your meetings and corridors with the rightfurnishings to create the right mood for a perfect office environment.


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