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23 September 2020

An awesome rendition of show stopper wall designs by Morris & Co in collaboration with Ben Pentreah

For this Autumn/Winter 2020, Morris & Co. an established UK brand Is thrilled to launch its latest collection: Queen Square. This series of wallcoverings have been produced in collaboration with Ben Pentreath, a renowned architectural interior designer. The Queen Square collection Wallcovering features original designs across 18 fabrics and 18 wallcoverings. The collection name fills us with a nostalgic familiarity as it was the name of the road that led to the Morris & Co design house and factory.

Stand awed by with the photography featured in the collection’s pattern books as they are all styled exclusively by Ben at his stunning Dorset home. This joyous collection of colour and iconic patterns find pleasure in the simple iconic patterns which showcase the longevity and enduring appeal of 5 expertly crafted designs.

Originally designed by J.H. Dearle in 1892, blackthorn is a revived design with popping colours on a darker ground. Paired with willow bough or marigold to make for a perfect rustic feel. With a nostalgic familiarity, the Queen Square Collection’s intensity of colour casts a new light on favourite designs. Available in an Autumn colourway of rusty rich golds to deep hunter green hues.

Bachelors button
Inspired by an archive pattern book with Batchelors Button on the cover, were proud to say this design was the catalyst for Ben Pentreath’s Queen Square collection. Given a modern twist and an undeniable vibrancy, dramatic swirling leaves, painted in the style of a medieval fresco, coil around this show stopper of a wallpaper. Available in an Olive & Turquoise colourway. Beautifully paired with the Batchelors Button fabric collection.

This wallpaperdesign from 1875 is hugely versatile, working with ease in any part of the home. Chocolate is closest to the original archive colour and Bens take on a neutral, contrasting with the strength of Aqua a real statement colour, saturated and regal. For something different, the coral tones of Pink/Olive provide added intrigue. Don’t forget to add co-ordinating Marigold fabric Available in three colourways: Pink & Olive, Aqua & Turquoise and Chocolate & Cream.

Willow bough
Morris’s iconic willow bough, creatively recast in rich pomodoro reds. A wonderfully vibrant interpretation of the classic willow bough wallpaper designed in 1887 and characterising Morris’ pre-eminent flair for design and composition. Choose from an incredible palette of new colour combinations including the inviting warmth of tomato % olive reaching to the striking 1970s inspired olive/turquoise. Available in five colourways: sky & leaf green, pink & leaf green, bitter chocolate, tomato & olive and olive & turquoise

An original William Morris design from 1874, vine depicts succulent bunches of grapes temptingly hanging from a complex web of branches, set against a background of darkened foliage. This complex design in dark olive performs wonderfully on any upholstered furniture for a stunning heritage look. Suitable for drapes and upholstery. Available in a Dark Olive colourway.

Come discover 5 awesome show stopper wall designs created by Morris Co in collaboration with Ben Pentreah now.

Product showcase:Queen Square collection Wallcovering
Product showcase:Queen Square collection Fabrics

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