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23 September 2020

Let’s indulge and go back to our fundamental perspectives on what really matters that will add joy to our lives.

Shared moments, cosy comforts and the nurturing surround of nature that inspired this new Awakening collection by this American Speciality Wallpaper brand, Phillip Jeffries.

This exquisite handcrafted natural wallcovering products promises a combination of new and interesting designs that will uplift your wall space. These 18 collections are inspired by mainly browns, metallic brown and stone. Colours that simply keep you grounded. These speciality wallcoverings help to shape your environment into a homely space.

Broad Strokes
Fluid movements and sweeping brushstrokes add life to the walls. A natural silk scrim is laid atop a printed wallcovering ground reminiscent of painterly marks for an organic shadow print.

Architectural elements of carved marble and plaster relief motifs of the past inspire a new series of three-dimensional designs channels, rain and canopy. Taking inspiration from a traditional bas relief process, casting offers the look and feel of a hand carved wall full of subtle depth and drama. Free-formed sketched and then crafted by artisans using a special tooling technique, this multistep process creates three distinct designs in a chic matte white reminiscent of plaster.

Awaken freeform design and expression in an awe-inspiring scale. Layers of organic brushstrokes in a multitude of colorations are digitally printed on natural and vinyl grounds for a collection where artistry meets innovation.

Cosmic Cork
The stars align with this stellar geometric collage design of our two favourite textures, cork and wood.

Gilded Accent & Grid
The art of handcrafted a living tradition for over 100 years, a family-owned mill in Japan has practiced the ancient art of leafing. Artisans hand place authentic metallic leaf using hashi - or chopsticks - to create works of art. An enduring glow in a multi-step process reminiscent of stencilling, gold, silver and pewter leafing is applied by artisans in a sequence of shapes on a metallic ground for a large-scale geometric pattern. Once leafed, coatings are applied to ensure the collection withstands the test of time. Only Phillip Jeffries authentic metallic leafing is backed and coated to ensure our wallcoverings are as durable and flexible as they are beautiful. Sealed with a resin finish, the collection is wipeable and resistant to rusting and oxidizing.

Classic men’s suiting inspires a tailored-made trio of tweed, herringbone, amd suit yourself with a mix of rich new colours and best sellers for a wardrobe of well-suited choices.

Modern Threads
Linear lines evoke a sense of soothing calm, as fine, multi-toned strings are laminated to create a variegated stripe full of fluidity and depth.

Ox Horn
Polished to perfection with the look of natural ox horn, this handcrafted design is a unique work of art. A multi-step process that layers paper, fabric and coloured inks to create a unique ground that is then cut and hand laid into a vertical subway pattern for subtle elegance and drama.

Polished Weave
Time to shine as a classic weave takes on new life with a lustrous look. Paper yarns are dyed prior to weaving followed by a resin wash to create a beautiful texture with a chic and glossy sheen.

Savile Suiting Solid
Inspired by high-end men’s fashions and custom tailoring found on Savile row, felted and woven wools in classic colorations dress to impress with a warmth and richness to the walls. Existing items on this card coordinate with Savile suiting plaid & pinstripe items. New solid items do not have a plaid or pinstripe coordinate.

Tranquil Weave
Abaca meets paper for a crisp and classic hybrid pairing. Warp yarns of authentic natural abaca and coloured paper in the weft are woven together to achieve a subtle texture that is virtually seamless.

Velvet Cocoon
Usher in a new era of sumptuous comfort with lustrous velvet and soothing rich jewel tones for the walls.

Venetian Plaster
Ancient venetian plaster inspires this unique yet minimalistic collection. Handcrafted by artisans, a multi-step process of layered plaster and burnishing creates a classically elegant and subtle texture.

Vintage Weave
An updated spin on a classic weave inspires this textured composition in a rich palette of colour. Cotton yarns are woven with dyed paper yarns and laminated atop a metallic ground to create a paper weave with a subtle linear look that is virtually seamless.

Vinyl Concrete Washi
Well-travelled urban pavements and weathered architecture inspire the look of handcrafted abaca pulp and stunning artisanal texture available in vinyl - merging luxe design with the durability and technology offered by today's performance wallcoverings.

Vinyl Reconstructed
Carefree beauty and energy inspire a collage of playful paint strokes in vinyl - merging luxe design with the durability and technology offered by today's performance wallcoverings.

Vinyl Shiplap
The look of natural wood planking in playful colours as a vinyl - merging luxe design with the durability and technology offered by today's performance wallcoverings.

Vinyl Travertine
Return to nature with the look of Italian travertine stone and a palette of peaceful tones in vinyl - merging luxe design with the durability and technology offered by today's performance wallcoverings.

So, let’s embark to our new future with confidence and joy.

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