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14 September 2020

The geometric and minimalist by the HUDSON collection by Camengo

This collection infuses a very beautiful energy, overflowing with light and vitality. The “Utopia” universe features graphic and refined lines with a delightfully communicative optimism. Aerial tubular constructions rise on the walls with great lightness, lozenges and interweaving games come to life to the joyful rhythm of their hyper refined tones, compositions with 3D effects become dynamic, vibrant with gaiety and personality. Graphics, colours and materials are wonderfully balanced in a very chic collection with an urban spirit gently revisited

Just as luminous, “HUDSON” rewrites the rules of urban style, injecting energy, filled with “joie de vivre”. In this collection, there are 8 different designs. Each design represents their own story.

1. HUDSON - Magnificent Jacquard with a silky touch, “Hudson” is made of interlocking graphic patterns, woven in linen yarn in two different shades, to create a remarkable contrast on a dense and glossy background. The lines are dynamic on a pleasantly oversized format.

2. STATEN ISLAND - A clean and classic design, with inlaid hexagons, restyled with colourful and vibrant energy. “Staten Island” has been designed with a 3-coloured embroidery on a linen-look fabric. The association of timeless colours is perfect for today and is harmonious, creating a contrast brought to life with a feeling of movement for a truly refined composition.

3. NEW YORK HEXAGONE - “Hexagone” is composed of a geometric embroidery on the Newton plain. Made using 2 superimposed yarns, one with metallic highlights, overstitched on the other to create a mesh. Contrast and sophistication update this timeless design to bring delicate and luxurious elegance.

4. NEW YORK POIS EMPIÉCÉ - Endless spots on a silky satin : each one lined by its double in a thick felt, and each duo is joined across the diameter with a pretty metallic thread. Creating a surprising 3 dimensional volume, light and fluid, moving with the fabric. Beautifully arranged on a lovely viscose and linen fabric, the design is light, graphic and imaginative, truly original and surprising.

5. QUEENS - A silky jacquard is embellished with a subtly metallic yarn and a downy matte yarn, to create a superb geometric design with contrasting textures. “Queens” is a sophisticated graphic design, in the urban style of Art Deco New York. It stands out thanks to the finesse of the details.

6. NEW JERSEY - On a loose, open-weave voile “New Jersey” traces wonderfully graphic threadlike patterns. The lines are light and tapered, almost transparent, creating a delicate airy effect. The voile plays with its different textures : its supple drape contrasting with the rich thick yarn used in the weave.

7. LIBERTY ISLAND - “Liberty Island” is a light Jacquard voile, clean and airy. The geometric patterns are cut into the dense thick texture, creating graphic transparent pockets. Available in 3 shades of grey, from the most luminous to the darkest, it dresses the window in an undeniably strong urban style.

8. DISTRICT - “District” restyles 3D cubes with immensely soft textures and on-trend colours. This looped velvet Jacquard combines softness and depth, giving seating a dynamic and truly modern look. Softer, more comfortable, more subtle, they are remarkably beautiful.

Product Showcase: HUDSON

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