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05 October 2020

Carpets are suitable options for almost any home or office environment. Whether you live on your own, have a bustling family life, or are somewhere in between, introducing carpeting into your space could make for a huge improvement. There are 3 types of carpet available for your choice. They are carpet tiles, broadloom (wall to wall carpets) and carpet rugs. One must select the right option that will cater to their lifestyle and needs. Below, are 4 advantages of choosing this soft flooring alternative.

Advantage 1. Carpets Add Style to Your Home

There are many unique and exciting carpet patterns, a well-selected carpet can enhance the room. Carpet can also compliment your furniture and makes your wall colour stand out. Choosing the right colour can change the atmosphere of a room or even add a new flare. Additionally, patterned rugs can add excitement to a room and even give a boring room an elegant appeal to residents and visitors. You can find the right one for your specific needs, especially if you have kids or pets. Many beautiful rugs are made especially durable to withstand the rough and tumble nature of children, and carpeting can be matched to pet fur colour to minimize visible shedding. In essence, carpets can really make a room pop while maintaining a great level of practicality.

Advantage 2. Carpets Serve as Insulation 

A soft carpet can create a layer of protection for keeping the warmth in the home especially if one turns on the air-conditioning and the ceramic / marble floorings could be quite chilly to the feet. You will love the feeling of a soft floor beneath your feet.

Advantage 3. Carpets Serve as Cushioning 

Laying carpets can be like adding a layer of padding to a room. Unlike hard flooring, which can be solid and painful to land on for some, carpets are soft and absorbent. Falling onto a carpet is much easier on the body than hitting the floor, so it is good for homes with children. Since children tend to fool around the house, you can minimize injury by carpeting your child room. Moreover, elderly people will also find carpet easier on the joints than stepping onto solid floor and potential injuries can also be minimized.

Advantage 4. Sound Proofing

The cushioning nature of carpeting helps to minimize the spreading of noise in the home. Footsteps are muffled by the softness and any other noises are also muffled. This means no more loud banging from upper floors and less disruption to the peace of your home.  Further, carpets can buffer the noise from the stereo sound and gaming systems. Carpeting is simply an ideal choice for creating a home office. With the covid19 situation, many have been working from homes. And also they are do more virtual meetings online. So, dressing up the home offices with carpet tiles, carpet rugs and wall to wall carpets are an excellent choices as they are great acoustic options.

In essence, carpet can be an efficient, practical, and versatile addition to any home or office environment. Many will ask, is it difficult to maintain the carpets?

Here’s a list of tips on how to care for carpets

Regular and thorough vacuuming once or twice a week (more often in heavy traffic areas) to remove soil and dirt particles. When you see spots or stains, treat them immediately. Blot up liquids with a paper towel or absorbent cloth. Remove solids with the end of a knife or spoon. Immediately wet a clean cotton towel with water (40°C), wring it out and place over the stain. When the towel is saturated replace it with a fresh one. 

Always work from the outer edge towards the centre to prevent spreading. DO NOT use household cleaners such as soft soap, neutral soap, ammonia solution, turpentine, benzine or spot removal agents which are only recommended for textiles. 

Deep cleaning is required periodically to remove the deepest soil. Use a reputable company and check references to have your carpet professionally cleaned. One preventive measure is to place absorbent mats at entrances to your home; change or wash these when they have become dirty. 

Take note that acids and chemicals can cause discoloration.

How do you select the right carpeting?

Despite numerous carpet options are available, there are only two styles of carpet -- loop pile and cut pile.

In the loop-style pile, each of the ends is connected into the backing so there's a continuous loop. If you actually ran a pin underneath, you would feel the loop. Usually seen in carpet rugs and broadloom carpets.

In the cut-style pile, the loops are actually cut so that there are individual ends sticking up through the backing. If you ran the same pin through there the pin would lift right up. It is like a sheer cut pile. These are usually seen in carpet tiles.

Therefore, carpet fiber is a critical area when it comes to carpet. There are 3 basic fibers used today in the carpet industry:

  • Polypropylene, such as the loop-style pile.
  • Polyester, which is made from recycled beverage containers.
  • Nylon, the most popular and durable fiber by far.

In addition, the natural fiber of choice today is wool. Wool is a traditional carpet fiber, but its high price makes it less common. 

Cut pile carpet can go throughout the house. It is comfortable underfoot and makes for a very attractive floor. Loop pile styles are used in heavy traffic areas. Areas where children are or where there is a lot of activity. It will perform and last for a long time.

When it comes to easy-to-clean carpet, look for cut pile carpets which will take most household food stains and you will be able to clean it. Polyester is naturally stained resistant because it doesn't accept those kinds of dyes either. It is a critical product in applications where staining will be an issue. Nylon is treated for stain resistance -- there is an overtreatment that you put in that will allow you to take stains out. Wool takes more care and cleaning to get stains out.

Pricing changes from one carpet to another because of the various weights and structures. The very low end of the scale in most cases will the carpet rugs and carpet tiles options. Polypropylene is the cheapest product; polyester is the second and nylon is the highest quality of the synthetics. Wool is considerably more expensive than the others which are typically seen in broadloom carpets used for living and bedrooms.

With the key considerations of the advantages, tips on the maintenance and fiber types, why not make carpeting your ideal flooring choice today. 

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