tr?id=452824429410686&ev=PageView&noscript=1 The Straits Times: 3D Scan Visualiser paves the way for Lean , Productive business
13 January 2017

“Often, customers of interior furnishing firm Goodrich Global want the design and estimated cost of doing up their place to be ready the next day. However, there were never enough site supervisors to take the measurements of each place and get the quotations out to customers all in a day.”  Shared by Mr Chan Chong Beng, Chairman and Co-Founder of Goodrich Global with The Straits Time  , Nov 29, 2016. 


To overcome these manpower constraints, Mr Chan, who is also Chairman of the Workforce Advancement Federation, worked alongside with technology start-up Aviation Virtual to develop a 3D Scan Visualiser.  This software is capable of reducing on-site man hours from 4 hours to 1 ½ hours. Therefore, reducing the manpower hours needed by 62% .  

The software paired off with the HTC VIVE, will help to produce  a virtual reality view of the interiors and allows the users to undertake measurement and floor plan designs quickly, easily, and with greater accuracy than using traditional methods. It is designed to reduce the challenges and the need to hire more site supervisors, quantity surveyors, and even 3D graphics Developers for any one project.

This initiative is amongst many other improvements and programs that Goodrich Global have implemented.Goodrich’s effort to increase productivity and continuous improvement to serve our customers better .

This innovative software solution and device were both launched at the Singapore Workforce Advancement Federation’s (WAF’s)annual Lean Enterprise Development Forum on November 28, 2016.  Mr Teo Ser Luck,  Minister Of State for Manpower, was the Guest of Honor and said in his speech to about 200 SME bosses at the event that Collaboration is critical factor for SMEs to sustain their business especially in this economic slowdown.   

Mr. Benny Lim, Group CEO of Goodrich Global alongside with 24 other companies (early adopters) of this technology were presented a plaque for the recognition of their efforts to adopt this initiative   Each of the SMEs invested only  SG$4,500 each for this 3D Scan Visualiser after subsidies from Spring Singapore.


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