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05 June 2019

Product Showcase: Widewall Mixture

The 2019-2022.5 Mixture Wallcovering Fabric Backed Vinyl Type I collection for Widewall has been launched. This collection is a new approach to design, combining beauty, simplicity and functionality.

WIDEWALL Mixture collection is enhanced by the introduction of soft whites and naturals, an array of neutral greys and blues to create a Scandinavian style look. There is a total of 98 colour ways and pattern for you to choose from in this collection. In addition, these are made with fabric backed by Vinyl Type I specially designed for higher durability and resistant. With a sheet of fabric attached to the back of the solid vinyl giving it additional thickness. This collection is ideal for Commercial, Hospitality and Residential to cover up uneven walls. Removal of the wallcovering would also be easier.


Worried about heat dissipation on your wall after putting up wallcovering? Don’t worry! In this collection, there are 18 designs under these 5 names; Yorkshire, Tenby, Skye, Nottis and Bourton that you can look out for. These designs allow your wall to breathe. This collection is ideal for covering uneven walls. These designs allow your wall to breathe.

With the state of art, the Microvented Technology is invented and has incorporated within the wallcovering. It allows the hot humid air to penetrate through exterior walls. In this Microvented Technology, there are 250,000 micro holes per sqm of wallcovering to pass through a layer of non-permeable wall covering surface, the hot humid air contacts the cool surface and condense inside the wall cavity. During colder months, this system is reserved. Moist air trapped in the building condenses on the cool interior walls. The Microvented wallcovering are permeable to allow reducing the chances of the mold growth moist air to flow through freely. Once in the building, the HCAC system will be able to remove the moisture.

This collection is strongly recommended for areas where human traffic is relatively high, such as dining rooms, corridors, and lobbies. For unique features and benefits of the Widewall Mixture Wallcovering Fabric Backed Vinyl Type I collection, please find the specification here


Roll Size : 52”-54” x 30yds
Weight : 15oz PLY
Backing : Sheeting

Meets or exceeds Federal Specification CCC-W-408D physical characteristics for Type I Wallcovering


• Class 0/1 – BS476 PART 6/7  
• Class “A” ASTM E-84
• Tested in accordance with ASTM E-84 Tunnel Test


WideWall Mixture is an environmentally friendly product as it eliminates all heavy metals such as lead, mercury, cadmium and chromium.


Since slight variations in color may occur between different production batches, it is important that in one single area, rolls from the same production batch are used. 


• A mildew inhibiting addictive has been added to help protect against fungal and other microbiological growth. 
• Widewall Mixture is supplied with a 5 years warranty against manufacturing defects.



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