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07 March 2018

Turn your creativity into reality with Moduleo Moods Flooring!

Moods Flooring is a suite of luxury vinyl planking in colours, textures and shapes that allow for highly unique flooring patterns that range from classically elegant to wildly dynamic.

Moduleo believes that the users’ interior should reflect their identity, whether at home or in the workplace. Moduleo has a solution for every residential and commercial project. Whether you have a project in hospitality, leisure, healthcare, education, housing or offices. Moduleo has the perfect solution tailored to your specific requirements and needs.

Furnishing rooms with high-grade performance and creative floors, it aims to inspire and stimulate the well-being and comfort around the room, and around the clock.

With Moduleo Moods, our users can now play with an array of creative and unique formats with a selection of stone and wood textures to create an art, with their floors as the canvas. Escaping from the convention rectangular planks, the addition of geometrics allow our users to express their creativity much more freely.

Moduleo Moods raises the bar and takes the next step in driving innovation and creativity through product design and development.

Not only does this flooring drive innovation but also helps in building a greener tomorrow. The production in Belgium manufactures all their luxury vinyl floors in an ecologically responsible way, using up to 50% recycled material in each Moduleo floor. And at the end of its life cycle the floor can be recycled itself. They are constantly striving to optimize the eco-efficiency of every aspect of their business, from strict raw materials selection to the use of green energy, water consumption and transport emissions. This way we can guarantee that Moduleo is always the most logical and ecological choice with an eye on tomorrow.

Moduleo Moods offer:

10 unique and creative formats

14 high-quality wood and stone textures

15 patterns from mild to wild

Adds up to over 110 unique and expressive combinations

This range of flooring is made in Belgium with patented technology. It is scruff and stain resistant, water resistant and soundproof.

Who says flooring has to be boring? Play it your way with Moduleo Moods!


SIZE ( L X W X THK) : 452.64mm x 392mm x 2.5mm
WEAR LAYER : 0.55mm
QTY / BOX : 1.51m2
ORIGIN : Belgium
SIZE ( L X W X THK) : 196mm x 113.16mm x 2.5mm
WEAR LAYER : 0.55mm
QTY / BOX : 1.46m2
ORIGIN : Belgium
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