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21 June 2016

Loom+ flooring collection where design and technology are woven together come in an infinite design spectrum. Only LOOM+ enables unique variation of creating your own floor by mixing and matching different patterns in two tile sizes.

Loom+ is the first woven flooring with proven NOX Ecotecture® Multi-layer Property that ensures the most stable and durable installation.

The loom+ design plays with colour, design and texture

Profound Color Composition Realizing multiple tones of color – carefully selected by artists, provide very unique colors that expresses LOOM+ in harmony with surrounding interiors.

Infinite array of color and texture Available in 47 colors covering diverse tones like neutral, cool, warm, light, and dark in four different yarn thicknesses, Loom+ gives seven unique design patterns.

Designed for mix & match Creative and unique ‘mix & match’ only by LOOM+ is realized by introducing the same weaving system to seven design patterns.

Optimal 2 Size variation With Loom+ unique 2 module sizes of 50cm x 50cm and 50cm x 100cm, the first introduced in woven flooring market, you can elevate the flat environments to inspiring interior spaces.


The NOX Ecotecture® Multi-layer Property featured with innovative functionality and safety, proven in more than 50 countries over 20 years

The collection comes in 3 styles:

ACCENTS Stylish & Decorative

Mix & match installation with knit and hand-stitch lines provide diverse floor designs.

Sophisticated weaving structure coming in different thicknesses realizes never-seen

before innovative floor textures.

PIN-STRIPE Modern & Retro-pop

Now with modern sensitivity, retro-pop mood and unique colors enable unique one-of-a-kind point design in commercial spaces

CORD Cosmopolitan Style


It has a structure enabling modern design in various spaces. Brown colors covering from neutral and dark tones provide high-end ambiance to commercial spaces and offices.

Here are some properties you should take note of any why you should consider it as options for your flooring needs;

Safe Certified non-toxic, phthalate-free, and fiberglass-free fabric

Clean Xtreme CLEANguard PU Coating treatment applied to resist stain by not absorbing liquids and thus making spills quick and easy to clean

Tough Approved for heavy commercial use

Quick & Easy ECOLAY® installation without glue

Easy Minimal cleaning time and low maintenance

Silent & Soft surface absorbing sound

Consistent thickness Consistent product thickness by patterns and size for mixing and matching different patterns

Fray-proof Clean-cut finishing for preventing fraying

Non-Slip Slip-resistance with woven fabric surface

Colorfast properties retain gorgeous original colors over time

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