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Twenties Wallpapers

Step back to the Roaring Twenties! Glamour, sophistication and modernity: the 1920 period and its key movement, Art Deco, are fascinating thanks to their effervescence. CASADECO pays tribute to them with the new Twenties collection. . The 7 wallpaper designs on 100% non-woven 125 g/m² have a common denominator : the United States and in particular New York. Its vitality and brilliance have inspired the stylists like never before. In the 1920s the “city that never sleeps” was alive with cabarets, blazing with lights and showed-off its technical prowess with the huge buildings. Art Deco (which, for the record, was first called Modern American), was the reflection of the opulence of the Roaring Twenties.

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Country: Singapore

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