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Leathers Wallpapers

Casadeco Textures makes you discover for its second opus the sensuality of LEATHER. With Leathers, enter a leather goods workshop and summon all your senses: get drunk with the scent of leather, caress the patchworks effect of foal skin, feel the softness of suede and discover the preciousness of galuchat. Wrap your walls in a wild veil!

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Type: Indent

Country: Singapore

* Subject to availability

CASADECO_LEATHERS-LEAT-MAROQUINERIE-87147201 Collection - Leathers Wallpapers CASADECO_LEATHERS-LEAT-NORMANDIE-noir-zoom-87189514 Collection - Leathers Wallpapers CASADECO_LEATHERS-LEAT-WESTERN-87179202 Collection - Leathers Wallpapers