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Botanica_ Wallpapers

A true green explosion, "Botanica" largely allows vegetation to enter all the rooms of the house. Exuberant blooms, luxuriant foliations, generous blooms… the stems, the leaves, the flowers are exposed on the walls with a lot of energy and brilliance. They overflow with life and splendor to create a joyful atmosphere of plenitude and serenity.

Available upon request.

Type: Indent

Country: Singapore

* Subject to availability

CASADECO_BOTANICA-BOTA-ECHEVERIA-corail-rose-poudre-85914374 Collection - Botanica_ Wallpapers CASADECO_BOTANICA-BOTA-FOLIUM-beige-lin-85941209-zoom Collection - Botanica_ Wallpapers CASADECO_BOTANICA-BOTA-FOLIUM-beige-lin-85941209 Collection - Botanica_ Wallpapers