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Milano Wallpapers

Milano Wallpapers


Milan’s design fair is a major source of inspiration for our designers. They soak it all up, like a creative sponge. On their return to the Netherlands, they translate all their impressions into a new collection. This year, that creative outburst has led to the Milano collection. A lively, vibrant collection, with round shapes that move with their surroundings, emanating a sense of warmth and safety, anchored in the 1960s and 70s. At the same time, the Milano collection has its own, distinct character. It likes to be seen, drawing and capturing the attention of its onlookers. The daring colour combinations, eclectic patterns and speckled terrazzo tell a dazzling story: it’s time for a new passion. Time to marvel at beauty and enjoy life to the fullest.

Available upon request.

Type: Indent

Country: Singapore

* Subject to availability

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