11 March 2018

Turn your creativity into reality with Moduleo Moods Flooring!

Moods Flooring is a suite of luxury vinyl planking in colours, textures and shapes that allow for highly unique flooring patterns that range from classically elegant to wildly dynamic.

Feel the rhythm with Moduleo Moods Basket Weave!

"A shifting rhythm that guides the eye across the floor"

The basket weave small pattern places the small plank in a cluster of four to create textured square shapes. These blocks are seperated from each other by a single small plank at a 90 degrees angle, creating a pleasant and simple rhythm that guides the eye across the floor. The Concrete variation is a unique fusion of wood and concrete textures only available at Moduleo.

"A spacious feeling that benefits larger spaces"

The basket weave slim pattern is a half-paced version of the basket weave that creates a sense of pause and rest: the small plank intermittently balances strokes of slim planks to create a spacious feeling that benefits larger spaces by bringing a touch of linearity to the room. Just like our other patterns, the basket weave slim is also available in our signature classic, contemporary and soft variations. 

The basket weave block pattern is a compact classic floor pattern based on the small plank, that extends wonderfully across any floor without emphasizing a single axis of direction. 

So why not play it your way with Moduleo Moods Basket Weave! 

Read more about Moduleo Moods: https://tinyurl.com/y9sf9j8v