tr?id=452824429410686&ev=PageView&noscript=1 Goodrich Global Celebrates Space Creation with a refreshed Goodrich Gallery in Singapore
10 November 2022


The gallery which features over 100,000 wallcovering listings from over 20 international design brands on a single platform, is the first of its kind and the largest in Singapore. Offering the best Japanese, European and American brands under one roof, the curation of wallpaper, fabrics, carpets and vinyl flooring are made from premium materials, appealing to those looking for an emotional connection - an important aspect today as we spend more time indoors.

The 350 square metres of space sets a new milestone in redefining the interior design and decorating experience, drawing hundreds of interior design professionals, architects, property developers, hotel owners and contractors in Singapore since the gallery’s launch in November 2021.

  • Showcase colours, patterns and designs of high-quality wallcovering, fabrics, carpets and flooring within 350 square metres gallery space.
  • Showcase of concept rooms featuring Goodrich products for residential, commercial, hospitality, education and healthcare segments.
  • Showcase of global leading interior brands on a single platform. Wallcovering brands include Carlisle & Co, Cole & Sons, Casadeco, Sanderson Design, Takumi, BN walls, Eijjfinger, Scion Living, Harlequin, Phillip Jeffries, Sangetsu, Koroseal and Texam.

As the leading interior furnishing expert, Goodrich Global’s refreshed gallery helps the interior designer and businesses realize their ideal space through an enhanced product experience.

Celebrating its first year anniversary, the refreshed gallery is Goodrich’s next step that places complete product experience and people at its heart, encouraging a sense of exploration, and, ultimately, discovery of self, as values the brand has held since 1983.


The pandemic and technology changed the way people shop. Despite the shift to a more digital realm, Goodrich’s physical gallery remains important in a successful interior design journey. Customers seeking specific interior furnishing still rely on the expertise of sales consultants for processes like product performance and the selection of finishes.

Goodrich continues to make its gallery a place of discovery, and let customers envision their ideal space in a realistic setting. Given the unpredictable mood the pandemic seeded, and the changing roles of home and office, it is important that Goodrich remained consistent and relevant.

“The number of customers visiting our gallery are increasing and many of them still prefer to touch and feel products, and talk to our sales people for more product information, alternatives and solutions. The pandemic really forced us to reconsider how people shop and experience design. Our refreshed gallery coupled with expert knowledge is in our vision for the Goodrich interior furnishing experience,” shares Mr. Yasushi Furukawa, Group Chief Executive Officer of Goodrich Global.

“Our philosophy has always been to provide the best customers’ service which exceeds their highest expectations. We do this by providing fresh inspiration, expert industry experience and solutions customers have grown to expect, delivered in a manner that is innovative, familiar and assuring,” says Jean Leong, Head of Marketing and Communications for Goodrich.

Goodrich network

With presence in Southeast Asia, India and the Middle East, across more than 30 regional offices in 11 countries, Goodrich has been inspiring and enabling people to improve their living spaces and everyday lives for 39 years. Its experience and network in the region enable the company to provide a reliable and trusted service for any business needs.

Goodrich sustainability approach

As the leading interior furnishing expert in Southeast Asia, Goodrich is committed to reducing climate impact, taking social responsibility and engaging people to live a more sustainable everyday life.

Concern for the environment and the health and safety of workers has become a critical criterion for the selection and application of materials and processes in most manufacturing industries. Goodrich continues its journey to make healthy, sustainable living a natural choice for businesses too.

Goodrich performance-driven products

Designed for residential and commercial spaces, Goodrich’s curation of interior furnishing materials meets function, form, quality and sustainability. From commercially compliant materials with sanitising properties to energy-saving films, the company believes good interior furnishing is for individuals as well as businesses.

Five concept rooms that inspire | the top trending Living Room, Bedroom, Hospitality, Healthcare and Schools

Goodrich provides an up-to-date overview of what is trending in modern space planning: the top interior design trends in the Living Room, Bedroom, Hospitality, Healthcare, Schools and Childcare, feature all the design and decorating solutions in a modern space.

Goodrich believes in delivering an environment that is comfortable and safe which promotes wellbeing. Be it a complete solution, a small refresh or interior planning assistance, Goodrich can help interior designers, architects, property developers, hotel owners and contractors build an atmosphere that sparks creativity, energy and joy.

1) LIVING ROOM DESIGN | Small-space turns smart-space

Featuring functional and modern solutions for living rooms with adaptive reuse is popular in a home design post pandemic. The concept room offers design for spaces big and small, in the residential spaces for renovation, new construction and show units.

2) BEDROOM DESIGN | Rest and reset in style

With its cozy color palette, the concept room presents beautiful bedroom ideas that offer a comfortable and homey atmosphere, suitable for a bed and breakfast as a home away from home for its guests as well as a place to get a good rest.

3) HOSPITALITY DESIGN | A welcoming stay

As an expert in hospitality furnishings, Goodrich acknowledges a performance-driven approach in a room design that ensures the safety and well-being of both guests and staff. Digital wallcovering and customised carpets offer the ultimate in personalization as well as unique in aesthetics.

The space is curated to welcome guests to a pleasant stay. Made comfortable and safe with interior solutions that are practical, sustainable yet stylish and easy to update.

4) HEALTHCARE DESIGN | Sustainable, sanitized and flexible

The pandemic triggered a dramatic need for building controls, improved air quality, and overall facility resilience. The sustainable, sanitized and flexible healthcare setting is a mainstay that strives for the optimal combination of smart, anti-microbial technology, and enduring design that includes adaptive reuse that allows healthcare units to adjust quickly to different health situations.

5) SCHOOLS AND CHILDCARE DESIGN | Playroom Meets Classroom.

In decorating spaces for children, Goodrich adopts a design approach for imaginative learning that help children develop important life skills by setting them up with the right tools for studying.

The thoughtful children's space features design solutions for kindergartens, daycares, and classrooms where the walls help them read, study, draw, play and dream. A fun and comfortable space where their imagination can grow



Goodrich helps companies create places for business and offices uniquely suited to their corporate culture. The gallery is a workplace that makes people and customers proud partners, and has the flexibility to keep up as a business grow.

Goodrich tried-and-tested mix of interior design ideas, decorating solutions and industry expertise, developed over a long history, making the performance –driven space a reality for companies of all sizes and budgets.

The refreshed gallery offers thoughtful additions to facilitate the interior design process for interior designers, architects, property developers, hotel owners and contractors to create offices, and venues in hospitality, commercial properties, healthcare, schools and childcare, that connect people and inspire them to do great work that drives success.


Self-serve flip panels located alongside the gallery walls allow customers to experience the wallcovering samples. The panels are detachable to allow customers to mix and match with other materials.


Four main counters situated throughout the gallery hold the latest product catalogues. Designed at a table height, each counter doubles as a conducive discussion area where customer can comfortably rest material swatches on the table top with plenty of room to spare for personal belongings.


Each shelf is installed with built-in LED lighting to showcase each material’s aesthetic clearly. A dedicated room is available nearby for customers to view the products in a different lighting in warm white, cold white and daylight.


OUTDOOR LIVING. Find Goodrich performance-driven outdoor decking for gardens and balconies just outside the gallery where the flooring can attest to its hardy qualities when exposed to the sun and rain.

MEETING ROOMS. A total of two dedicated meeting rooms cater for conducive environment for private discussions. Walls are geared for presentations with Walltalkers, a whiteboard wall that is writable, erasable and doubles as a projection screen. Glazing partitions coated in patterned glass film sets the rooms for some privacy.

EVENT SPACE. For Goodrich business platform, an adaptive space is dedicated to interior designers and contractors to conduct discussions and learning sessions.

ENTERTAINMENT SPACE FOR CHILDREN. A resting space where kids can watch movies and play while their parents shop.


For wallcovering, Goodrich carries the following leading brands:

1. Premierwall/Widewall/Ecowall/Exclusivewall

2. Vycon/Symphony/P3TEC

3. Koroseal/Korogard

4. Sangetsu

5. Vu

6. BN

7. Eijffinger

8. Harlequin

9. Zoffany

10. Sanderson

11. Morris & Co.

12. Scion

13. Casadeco

14. Vahallan

15. La Scala Milano

16. Zambaiti Parati

17. Texam

18. Carlisle & Co.

19. Omexco

20. Phillip Jeffries

21. Cole and Son

22. Goodrich: Premier Walls, My Walls, Wide Walls, Digital Prints

23. Zintra

24. Takumi

For fabrics, brands as follows:

1. Sangetsu

2. Camengo

3. Aldeco

4. Sanderson

5. Harlequin

6. Zoffany

7. Scion Living

8. Cortina

9. Concertex

10. Goodrich - Blink, Shutter and Shield Leather

For carpets brands as follows:

1. Premierfloor (this is Goodrich Stocking Nylon collections)

2. Goodfloor (this is Goodrich Stocking PP collections)

3. Tuntex

4. Goodrich Custom Axminster and Handtufted Broadloom and Carpet Rugs

5. Brink & Campman, Harlequin, Scion Living, Sanderson rugs

6. Creatuft

7. Tasibel

8. Sangetsu

9. Tretford

10. Mohawk flooring

For flooring brands as follows:

1. Eco-click+ (Goodrich Stocking Luxury Vinyl Tile ( LVT) click)

2. Orchid+ (Goodrich Stocking Luxury Vinyl Tile ( LVT) glue down)

3. Loom+ (Goodrich Stocking woven vinyl)

4. Armstrong Medintone

5. Armstrong Medintech

6. Armstrong Starlux

7. Geff X-Plus 2 (GoodrichStocking SPC)

8. IVC Optimise 70, Isafe 70, Concept 70

9. Ezlay (Goodrich stocking LVT looselay)

10. Sangetsu


Goodrich Global is Asia’s leading purveyor of luxury wallcovering, fabrics, carpets and flooring materials. Since 1983, this homegrown brand is involved in virtually every aspect of the business of luxury interior design and furnishing as well as the flooring industry, from production, sourcing, and distributing to marketing, branding and retailing. Goodrich has enabled Singapore’s homeowners to personalise their homes. Their success can be attributed to a motivated team of professionals and their commitment to achieve excellence in all areas of operations. Goodrich executes its business with a precision that is enlivened with creativity.

Goodrich has presence in South East Asia, India and the Middle East with over 30 regional offices in 11 countries and distributor representative offices in Vietnam, Myanmar, Laos and the Philippines.

Since 2016, Goodrich rapidly expanded to include an international array of high quality interior furnishing materials from Koroseal in North America and Sangetsu Corporation in Japan. The merger with the Nagoya-based Sangetsu Corporation is a key milestone for Goodrich Global to strengthen its capability for continuous growth in the global arena.

With an eye for detail and on top of interior design trends, Goodrich prides itself as the curator of high quality wallcovering, fabrics, carpets and vinyl flooring that are richly steeped in craftsmanship yet elegant and luxurious in aesthetics. Every addition to the Goodrich stable of brands is carefully selected making it possible for the interior designer and customers to realise their dream spaces.

Ultimately, the wide selection of interior design products from Goodrich provides the convenience of furnishing homes and interior projects with the right interior design tools. To date, Goodrich proudly carries more than 100,000 colours, patterns and designs of high quality wallcovering, fabrics, carpets and vinyl flooring listings on a single platform. By leveraging on 39 years of experience and housing such prominent brands, Goodrich remains the expert in providing top interior design and decorating advice to suit any interior theme.



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