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26 August 2022

Imagine, a space away from the city hustle and bustle, a pause from the non-stop busyness of life and social media.

While we may not all have the luxury of crash landing into an outdoor adventure of a lifetime or have the view of the cloud forest at the foot of our door steps, here are 3 easy ways to reconnect by bringing these elements right into your homes.

  1. Neutral Hues

Think about the colours of nature, green, brown, blue, these are colours to bring into your living space. Neutral colours are great to use in your living space. It is not just pleasing to the eyes but it makes pairing with your furniture and any other design easy.

In the new BN Imagine wallcoverings collection, the textures and colours of the wallacoverings mimic those found in nature; earthy browns combined with woven grasses and oxidized metals. Darker colours add drama and contrast. Tactile surfaces bring depth. These elements are easy to match with your home decors and provide the flexibility of creating a homely warm and cosy corner or a fresh and breezy style.

  1. Retreat and Rewild

Appreciate the beauty of nature with invigorating, confident shades, brimming with life affirming energy. Unleash the vibrancy into your living space through your curtains, sofa or cushions using Harlequin’s new Colour 2 fabric collection.

Rewild, one of the four signatures, brings out an infusion of deep greens, pomegranate reds and terracotta tones that warm and refresh our minds and our interiors.

While Retreat’s adaptive look shares a new floral inspired intensity, accented with hints of metallics. A tranquil palette of naturally elegant colour, that helps to create a calm, peaceful and timeless look.

  1. Green Up

Dancing leaf-shapes swirling across your walls or an abstract sunset awaiting you every moment you open your eyes, bring nature creations right into your living space with Eijffinger’s Twist Collection.

Twist is a collection bursting with playful designs. Sometimes with a hint of retro, in a broad spectrum of colours. Create your own new, fresh combinations with Twist and spice up your interior.

Easy care and maintenance make it suitable for both residential or commercial spaces.

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