Mr Chan Chong Beng

chan chong beng message

Since 1983, we at Goodrich Global have committed ourselves to delivering interior decorating services of the highest standards to our clients. Today, as one of Singapore’s leading and largest interior furnishings company, we take pride in upholding a long tradition of excellence.

One of our greatest strengths is our extensive collections of wallcoverings, fabrics, carpets, and flooring, sourced worldwide to cater to a multitude of interior themes and personal expressions.

We have an unrivalled team of market leading specialists handling design, application and customer satisfaction. This has enabled us to handle complex and cutting-edge projects, provide innovative solutions, and establish ourselves as leaders and trailblazers in the field of interior design.

The world changes quickly, so we are market responsive. As Goodrich Global’s customers, suppliers and employees become more and more diverse, our success increasingly depends on the understanding of communities which we work in, and reaching out to people from all walks of life. That is why for many years we have developed and supported initiatives through our Corporate Social Responsibility efforts, working with local government bodies and social welfare organizations to help enrich the lives in our community in simple everyday ways.

I have the utmost faith in our employees, brand systems and our ideas. We are building on a 35-year record of service excellence and we are building for the future - finding solutions to tough problems, investing in initiatives and developing programs which improve our team. Goodrich Global has the capability and presence to take on challenges faced in the interior furnishing industry.

Furthermore, with our growing regional network and our close collaboration with strategic partners, our customers can expect an integrated and seamless service.

We are grateful for the support which our clients have given us over the years. Our loyal base of customers and consistent rankings as one of the top interior furnishings specialist in Singapore and South-east Asia are a testimony of the confidence that our customers have placed in us.

With 36 years under our belt and more to go, I have confidence in the future of Goodrich Global. We look forward to serving you and upholding our commitment to always keep you, our customers, at the forefront of all that we do.