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Mr Yasushi Furukawa

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Under the common business of interior design, both Goodrich Global Holdings and Sangetsu Corporation share a similar business model which allow the companies to have a mutually beneficial relationship in the last two decades.

As partners today, we’re excited to venture forward with our strategies for achieving solid growth and explore new horizons as a comprehensive interior design brand.

We cannot achieve our goals or meet the needs of our customers without excellent people in the firm. To achieve growth from within, we launched the Mid-Term Business Plan (2017-2019) “PLG 2019” initiative based on the core concept of “PLG: Personal, Local, Global.” The business plan aims to build a corporate group with a solid market position in Asia and the global platform by offering diverse products and expertise.

Without our own production facilities, the people element is important in the business structure. The plan’s acronym begins with “Personal” where each individual’s abilities in terms of personal knowledge, capabilities, personality, passion and approach, will significantly impact our business. Demonstrating the skills set of a staff will help to create a “Local” sales network and strengthen distribution capabilities. With each team player leveraging on his strengths in developing the business, the ripple effect leads to a powerful synergy in the entire group when we forge relationships with business partners, architects and interior designers in the pursuit of product procurement on the “Global” market.

A strong market presence and solid product strategies are essential. We are fortunate to leverage on Goodrich regional network and expertise in the healthcare, education, retail and hospitality markets; which have great growth potentials and is an important part of our strategies in the near future.

On products diversification, we’re excited to present the revolutionary REATEC, Glass Film, SP and XSELECT wallcovering to penetrate the developers market. As premium wallcovering options, the products are poised to be a mainstay in the residential and commercial interior spaces. In the pipeline are plans to expand the product categories in wallcovering, fabric, flooring and carpet.

To remain relevant to society and ensure consistent growth, we must listen to our diverse group of customers, suppliers, employees and increasingly contribute to resolving issues that society faces. It is also essential that we recognize the importance of environmental, social and governance aspects to ensure sustainable growth of the corporate sector.

Looking ahead, we are entering an era in which conventional wisdom will be increasingly challenged and the interior design industry will change considerably. No matter what the future holds, we must expand our focus with an eye on helping solve social and environmental issues to continue to be relevant to society.

By leveraging our strengths and transforming ourselves from within, we will continue to take on new challenges to seek growth. Some initiatives may not bear fruit in the short term, but I am personally committed to ensuring their contribution to our success over the longer term.