July 2014

Create that blissful living space with your love one. Decorating a new home involves merging HIS and HER personal styles into ONE unified look. A look both aesthetic and functional which both can enjoy. View our Wedding Bliss showcase this July. Goodrich promises to share with you interesting ideas that will turn your home into a blissful HAVEN of Joy.

Wall Murals

Customize your wall with a digital wallcovering of your wedding shot, honeymoon or a personalized image that reflects your special moment. All you would need is an image of 500dpi and Goodrich will turn it into a wallcovering fit for your wall. Alternatively, you could select from an extensive collection of digital wallcoverings from the Wallpower Wonders collection showcasing nature, architecture and floral designs

Pattern Play

Pop up your walls with striking designs adjacent to one another. Stripes with patterns add a graphic punch making your walls effortlessly glam as with the No 1 collection by the fashionable designer, Roberto Cavalli

Geometric patterns

An interesting way to liven up a space is to introduce geometrics on your walls. Don't cover all your walls, just wallcover a single feature wall to create a great impact. Try out Journeys by Tres Tintas and see the difference.

Finishing with fabrics

Customise your curtains to create a tailored look. Select from our range of day or night curtain materials and create the look you desire and accessorize with tassels all from the Goodrich range. At Goodrich we do customization and also provide the tracks and installation. Check out our promotion for day and night curtains at the Goodrich Gallery

Laminate for durability

Laminate floors offer easy maintenance and durability. It is scratch resistant and has the look and feel of wood. It comes in a range of colours that will suit any decor idea. For our current promotion on our European floors click on this link http://www.goodrichglobal.com/web/2014/05/23/promotion-laminte-flooring/

Beauty in rugs

Carpet rugs are versatile and can be moved around according to your decor. They can instantly lighten up a neutral room. Use a rug with light colour or subtle pattern from the Baca collection to create a warm environment conducive for small talk or reading. So if you love our design ideas, come visit us at our Goodrich Gallery or check our website www.goodrichglobal.com for more creative ideas.

View our Wedding Bliss showcase this July and turn your new bridal home or room into a blissful HAVEN of Joy.


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Wallcovering from Wallpower Wonders Collection, Eijffinger, Goodrich 

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Wallcovering from Journeys Collection, Tres Tintas, Goodrich 

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Wallcovering from No. 1 Collection, Roberto Cavalli, Goodrich

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Carpet from Baca, Scion, Goodrich

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Fabric from Tamaris Design, Camengo, Goodrich

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Flooring from Laminate Collection, Geff, Goodrich

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